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Virginia Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service is a small company that will acquire its success over time through the combined efforts of experience, dedication, innovation, and a high level of details to all our clients.

We will ensure proper planning and extensive training are implemented to help us stay aligned with our goals and mission. This will ensure that we will earn a reputation as the “On-Time, All the Time” provider of NEMT services in Reston, Virginia.

As a team, we will continuously work to enhance the quality of our work ethics, skills capacity, base knowledge, and client-employee trust. Our cost-efficient pricing will allow customers to enjoy our services with the same level of excellent standards that we constantly strive for.

Virginia Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service is compliant with the ADA requirements as well as the 508 section of the Rehabilitation Act, which assures that we do not discriminate against individuals who have any form of disability. We treat them with the same consideration that we do with other members of our society.

We utilize the latest technology, which allows us to stay up-to-date with industry standards that prove to be supportive and beneficial to our disabled clients. We provide the same level of service to each customer regardless of their background, cultural heritage, financial standing, gender preference, or age.

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Providing Experience, Dedication, Innovation